I’m just coming back from another fabulous Field Day spent with RMHAM! Words hardly do the event justice, so take a look at some of the pictures!

Hanging out in the afternoon

Kaylee on GOTA with me

Kaylee on GOTA with Lisa

QRV with the FT8 station

Satellite station with the bunk trailer in the background

Ava and I taking a sunset stroll

The whole RMHAM Field Day crew

This was my family’s first RV trip, so we rented from Cruise America and had a wonderful time. This was also my first time taking the entire clan up to Field Day. I got all of them on the Get On The Air (GOTA) station to make a few contacts, and my older daughter is seriously hooked! She made almost 30 QSOs and probably would have kept going if there had been time.

Edit: John W0VG posted a video, check it out!