This is a list of resources I’ve found useful and would like to keep for reference. I hope others find them useful as well!

Denver/Boulder area clubs

Other Denver/Boulder area groups and resources

Digital Modes/Networks


TYT MD-380

  • md380tools and md380tools-vm: This looks like a great improvement for the TYT MD-380, but I don’t think it was compatible with the V05.01 hardware that I got. I encountered an analog squelch issue I couldn’t resolve. The md380tools repo is currently based on D013.020. I was able to get the radio working again with stock D015.001.

AnyTone D878UV

  • Jim Blocker KF5IW continuously updates and publishes a DMR contact list with worldwide coverage from sources like, so you can always tell who’s talking.
  • Dave Casler KE0OG has a helpful video on setting up the AnyTone D878UV for APRS, because it’s not intuitive (at least, not as a first-time APRS user).


  • Since I primarily use Linux and many radio programs are built for Windows, I use Virtualbox to run Windows as a guest within Linux. There’s a good guide from François Marier VA7GPL; I had missed the point about the vboxusers group, and it prevented me from attaching USB devices.

Test study aids

(I’m only linking the products I used personally, but most of these study resources are available for all three exam levels.)