A reference design to set up a Raspberry Pi, sound card interface and handheld transceiver as a go-kit Winlink node, either a server or client.

Winlink in a Box

Winlink in a Box inside

Bill of Materials

Component Supplier Price
Raspberry Pi 4 rpilocator $45
Raspberry Pi 4 case Vilros $15
SignaLink USB Tigertronics $140
Field Box Amazon $10
Baofeng UV-5R HT Amazon $25
Baofeng UV-5R battery eliminator Amazon $8
PowerPole distribution block Amazon $33
PowerPole panel mount Amazon $25
BNC-f panel mount Amazon $7 for 2
BNC-f protective caps Amazon $7 for 5
Panel-mount switch Amazon $8
RG-316 jumper cable Amazon $11
12V to 5V adapter Amazon $10