Today I had the opportunity to help RMHAM with a site expansion. The club was recently awarded a grant from the ARDC to expand the RMHAM IP microwave network and linked DMR system. There were two teams to set up two differnt sides of a new link: Limon and Westcreek. I joined the Westcreek crew.

Westcreek building

Westcreek tower

While some of the more experienced folks climbed the tower to mount the new antennas and microwave radios, I was able to help set up the data center equipment.

Westcreek data center

We worked hard starting in the morning. By the afternoon we started to get typical Front Range monsoon thunderstorms which forced the crew off the tower, and we weren’t able to get the two dishes peaked with each other. But all of the equipment is mounted and connected in the data center, so it should be a simple matter to get them peaked on another day. This was a great learning experience!